This Cat Cant Get A Home Because Of Her Facial Markings

We all know that cats can be little jerks sometimes. From attacking their owner’s bare feet when they walk around the house, to giving a slight push to every single object carelessly placed at the edge of the table or a windowpane, these little creatures are just too adorable for us to stop loving them. Even if they have a phallic-shaped doodle on their faces. Hard to believe that ever happens? Well, it’s not that rare for animals to have weird markings on their fur and this cat, Daisy, who lives in a shelter in Sydney might have the most unfortunate one.

Recently a cat with unique face markings went viral

Last week, an animal rescue team called The Mini Kitty Commune posted about the cat who is ready for adoption.

It didn’t go unnoticed that the cat’s face looks rather explicit, which is probably what prompted this adorable 9-year-old feline to go viral. The beautiful ragdoll cat has white and grey fur with a distinctive brown shape across her face which ends just at the tip of her nose.

People couldn’t ignore her what the distinctive shape on her face resembles

While it may seem like such a unique and beautiful cat could find a home easily, it turns out that the suggestive shape on her face has prevented people from adopting her.

But after Daisy went viral so many people have fallen in love with the cat, that they even started to argue about what the distinctive shape actually resembles.

Some said it looks like an angel, others say they can clearly see the heart shape. However, most people couldn’t ignore the obvious – the cat deserves a loving home no matter how she looks!

Once photos of Daisy went viral, people began arguing what the shape on her face actually looks like

Here’s what others had to say

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