Theresa May sidesteps question about 995 leather trousers

Reporter asks prime minister if expensive clothing worn for photoshoot shows her distance from general public

Theresa May has been challenged over her decision to wear a 995 pair of leather trousers for a newspaper photoshoot by a reporter on a flight to Bahrain, but sidestepped the question to insist she was working for everyone in Britain.

The prime minister was interrogated after it emerged she wore the trousers and a pair of 295 Burberry trainers when photographed by the Sunday Times last month.

May was also questioned about her choice of goose for Christmas dinner rather than a traditional turkey, but replied that her fashion choices or festive menu did not mean she was distant from the general public.

Giving a look of mild exasperation, May responded: I stood on the steps of Downing Street and said what I did about the importance of a country that works for everyone because thats what I have heard from people as Ive gone around the country, as Ive met people in a whole variety of circumstances.

I believe it is important for politicians to get out and about and thats what I continue to. It is important we have a country that works for everyone.

Over the weekend, Nicky Morgan, the former education secretary who was sacked by May, said the trousers had been noticed and discussed in local Tory circles. I dont have leather trousers. I dont think Ive ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress, Morgan said.

On Tuesday, the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries rounded on Morgan for criticising Mays dress sense, implying that a male politician would get no such criticism.

Calling the former education secretary sacked Nicky Morgan, Dorries tweeted:

Nadine Dorries (@NadineDorriesMP)

Just seen this comment from sacked Nicky Morgan insulting the PM Cameron’s suits cost x3 as much but not a peep then

December 6, 2016

In her interview with the Sunday Times in November, May said she did not have a stylist but took fashion advice from her husband, Philip. Hes good at accessories, too, she said, particularly good at choosing handbags and bracelets for presents, and good at flowers.

On Monday, the Radio Times published an interview in which the prime minister revealed that she preferred goose for Christmas dinner, watching Doctor Who over the festive season and listening to Radio Berkshire in the evenings before bed.

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