Dickinson review Emily Dickinson reborn as a Lizzo-loving feminist

A half-baked comedy series rewrites the life of the American poet as a defiant feminist who ignores chores and delivers clunky dialogue Emily Dickinson doesnt seem like the historical figure most ripe for a feminist revision. The American poet, whose work was published almost entirely after her death, lived a pious life in a stable, […]

Trevor Noah: ‘Rich kids should get into college the old-fashioned way: donating’

Late-night hosts weigh in on the celebrity college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis views on impeaching Trump Late-night hosts responded to the college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis on-the-record comments against impeaching Donald Trump. Trevor Noah The celebrity college admissions scandal dominated headlines yesterday, and late-night hosts offered their own hot takes on what Trevor […]

Rob Delaney raises almost $70,000 against former pro-Trump Republicans

The actor will donate to Democratic campaigns against GOP politicians, including John McCain, who withdrew support for Trump over misconduct allegations Comedian Rob Delaney has raised tens of thousands of dollars in a bid to oust Republicans who tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump following his recent scandals. Delaney, star of the TV show […]