Trump officials snub strongman Khalifa Haftar as US shifts course on Libya

Administration gives Libyan National Army chief cold shoulder less than two months after Trump showed support in surprise call The Trump administration has given the cold shoulder to Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar, less than two months after Trump appeared to show support for himwho was visiting Washington a few days earlier, and did not signify […]

Comey says Mueller’s evidence enough to charge Trump if he weren’t president

The former FBI director says there were at least two incidents that prove criminal intent on the presidents part to obstruct justice James Comey, the former director of the FBI, has said that the Mueller report contains sufficient evidence that Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice that he would have been charged, were he not […]

Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime | Yoka Verdoner

I know from experience that the Trump-sanctioned brutality at the US border with Mexico will scar its child victims for life The events occurring now on our border with Mexico, where children are being removed from the arms of their mothers and fathers and sent to foster families or shelters, make me weep and gnash […]

Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive book

Former White House strategist quoted in Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, as saying: Theyre going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV Donald Trumps former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the Trump Tower meeting between the presidents son and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as treasonous […]

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

Exclusive: Billionaire media mogul says it is hard to understand why a country doing so well wanted to ruin it Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul and former mayor of New York, has said Brexit is the single stupidest thing any country has ever done apart from the election of Donald Trump as US president. […]

Wanted in China: Beijing courts Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for visit

Chinese interests of Donald Trumps daughter and son-in-law come into spotlight again as Communist party seeks to fete influential White House couple Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have been invited to China as Beijing works to build closer ties with the influential couple inside an erratic White House. Trump, daughter of the US president, and […]

Impeachment seemed impossible a few days ago. Not anymore | Lawrence Douglas

The announcement that Robert Mueller III, the former FBI director, will oversee the Russian probe strengthens the spreading sense that Trump is finished The presumption of regularity. It is a term largely unfamiliar to those outside legal or governmental circles but one that all Americans should now learn. Born of centuries-old common law, the presumption […]

Donald Trump and China on dangerous collision course, say experts

Report says ties between the two nuclear-armed countries could deteriorate into an economic or military confrontation A highly combustible cocktail of Donald Trumps volatility and Xi Jinpings increasingly aggressive and autocratic rule threatens to plunge already precarious US-China relations into a dangerous new era, some of the worlds leading China specialists say in a new […]

UN envoy Nikki Haley criticises Russian aggression in Ukraine

New ambassador uses maiden speech to the security council to deliver the Trump administrations first rebuke to Moscow The Trump administration has severely criticised Russia for the first time with its newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations lambasting Moscow for its military intervention in Ukraine. Making her maiden address to a session of the […]

George Soros: Theresa May won’t last and Donald Trump is ‘would-be dictator’

Billionaire investor delivers bleak Brexit forecast at World Economic Forum and says Donald Trump is gearing up for trade war but will fail Theresa May will not remain in power long as Brexit cripples her government, while Donald Trump is a would-be dictator who is going to fail, the billionaire investor George Soros has told […]