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Cancer Town, our year-long project on a Louisiana community fighting big polluters, was funded with reader donations we raised last year Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. Make a contribution For years, the residents of Reserve, a town in southern Louisiana next door to a chemical plant, have suffered a cancer risk rate […]

Artist Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution (30 New Pics)

The Portuguese artist has had so much success locally in getting his message across, he’s now gone global. Following on from a previous post we now bring you his latest works, ranging from places as diverse as the USA, Estonia and Tahiti. Bordalo scavenges his materials from waste that was dumped in the area and […]

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Scores of tap water samples from more […]

Air pollution could increase risk of stillbirth, study suggests

Exposure to vehicular and industrial emissions heightens risk during pregnancy, researchers say Exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of stillbirth, new research suggests. Stillbirths, classed as such if a baby is born dead after 24 weeks of pregnancy, occur in one in every 200 births. Around 11 babies are stillborn every day in […]