Disney became a giant under Bob Iger. The question is if he can be replaced

Los Angeles (CNN Business)Bob Iger gradually built the Walt Disney (DIS) Co. into the juggernaut that it is today – one acquisition and expansion at a time fueling the question of whether the CEO is irreplaceable. In one stunning, unexpected stroke, the company and media industry is about to find out. Iger proceeded to engineer […]

To fix the problem of deepfakes we must treat the cause, not the symptoms | Matt Beard

Once technology is released, its like herding cats. Why do we continue to let the tech sector manage its own mess? We havent yet seen a clear frontrunner emerge as the Democratic candidate for the 2020 US election. But Ive been interested in another race the race to see which buzzword is going to be […]

Why readers are critical for the future of Guardian journalism

By opting for a reader-funded business model, we rely on readers to support our groundbreaking independent journalism. Our risk is paying off, but we still need your help Why our readers support has allowed the Guardian to embrace a new model for independent journalism In the last year, Guardian journalism has reached The Scott Trust. […]

People Share What Therapists Actually Say And Its Hilarious

Just a few months ago we talked about a girl who had a therapist with unconventional ways of treating his patients. Paul employed a nerf gun to help his patient recognize negative thoughts and avoid them, like foam darts. Behavior like that is very far away from the concept that the media tries to paint when showing […]

I made Steve Bannons psychological warfare tool: meet the data war whistleblower

Christopher Wylie goes on the record to discuss his role in hijacking the profiles of millions of Facebook users in order to target the US electorate The first time I met Christopher Wylie, he didnt yet have pink hair. That comes later. As does his mission to rewind time. To put the genie back in […]

Thailand threatens Facebook with legal action over anti-monarchy posts

Junta, which has led a focused crackdown since it took power in a 2014 coup, gives the site until Tuesday morning to remove 131 illicit posts Thailand has threatened Facebook with legal action unless it removes 131 pages it considers illegal, including posts critical of the monarchy, within four days. If even a single illicit […]

Parody of Robert Kelly’s BBC interview imagines how a woman would have coped

Comedy duo produce spoof in which a female interviewee feeds her child, cleans a toilet, cooks dinner and defuses a bomb A video has emerged parodying the BBCs viral hit which featured a became world-famous after his four-year-old daughter Marion barged into the room mid-interview, followed by his eight-month-old son James and finally his panicked […]

WikiHow apologises for turning Barack Obama, Beyonc and Jay-Z white

Cartoon for How to become a congressman tutorial was based on photo taken after a fundraising event but website says illustrator got the skin colors wrong The how-to website WikiHow has apologised for a disgraceful cartoon showing Barack Obama, Beyonc and Jay-Z as white people on an article about how to become a congressman. Billed […]