Palestinians hold day of mourning after 773 shot with live ammunition

At least 15 killed when Israeli soldiers open fire during mass demonstrations in Gaza Gaza hospitals, running low on blood and overstretched by the huge number of wounded, were reeling after one of the enclaves bloodiest days outside of open war, in which Israeli soldiers shot 773 people with live ammunition, according to the ministry […]

Bill Clinton warns US and Britain face an ‘identity crisis’ amid nationalist surge

Clintons first appearance since the election was at the launch of Yitzhak Rabin biography, where he drew parallels to Israel turmoil that led to his assassination Bill Clinton, the former US president, has warned that America, Britain and other parts of the world are embroiled in an identity crisis as nationalist movements carve divisions within […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss ‘bad’ Iran nuclear deal with Donald Trump

Israel leader renews criticism of Iran pact, which Trump has called a disaster, and says they will discuss it after president-elect enters the White House The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said he and Donald Trump will discuss the bad nuclear deal with Iran after the US president-elect enters the White House. During the […]