To fix the problem of deepfakes we must treat the cause, not the symptoms | Matt Beard

Once technology is released, its like herding cats. Why do we continue to let the tech sector manage its own mess? We havent yet seen a clear frontrunner emerge as the Democratic candidate for the 2020 US election. But Ive been interested in another race the race to see which buzzword is going to be […]

Plagiarism, book-stuffing, clickfarms … the rotten side of self-publishing

Scams are rife, particularly when some authors can rake in thousands each month but high-profile victims of plagiarism warn day of reckoning is coming NSerruyas alleged plagiarism was first exposed by US author Courtney Milan, who found passages from her book The Duchess War in Serruyas novel Royal Love. After Milan went public and after […]

I made Steve Bannons psychological warfare tool: meet the data war whistleblower

Christopher Wylie goes on the record to discuss his role in hijacking the profiles of millions of Facebook users in order to target the US electorate The first time I met Christopher Wylie, he didnt yet have pink hair. That comes later. As does his mission to rewind time. To put the genie back in […]

Rise of the machines: who is the internet of things good for?

The long read: Interconnected technology is now an inescapable reality ordering our shopping, monitoring our cities and sucking up vast amounts of data along the way. The promise is that it will benefit us all but how can it? In San Francisco, a young engineer hopes to optimise his life through sensors that track his […]

China to question Apple about use of app streaming to beat censors

Three government agencies lead crackdown on popular software which can be used to violate internet regulation Chinese authorities will question Apple over live-streaming video software available on the companys app store, amid an increasingly hostile business environment for foreign firms in the worlds second largest economy. Police, cyberspace administration and cultural law enforcement team will […]

The best way to counter the far right? Know the enemy | Hari Kunzru

Since Trumps election win, his online footsoldiers are ever more emboldened. Heres how to fight back Last weekend, I flew to Berlin to speak at a seminar. I found myself relieved to be off American soil but worried about leaving my family behind. I wasnt concerned about their safety, at least not as things stand. […]

WikiHow apologises for turning Barack Obama, Beyonc and Jay-Z white

Cartoon for How to become a congressman tutorial was based on photo taken after a fundraising event but website says illustrator got the skin colors wrong The how-to website WikiHow has apologised for a disgraceful cartoon showing Barack Obama, Beyonc and Jay-Z as white people on an article about how to become a congressman. Billed […]