David Cameron’s spin doctor writing book about EU referendum

Craig Oliver will publish his book, Unleashing Demons, this autumn, starting from the fateful decision to call a vote on EU membership David Camerons chief spin doctor has signed a publishing deal to write the inside story of the EU referendum campaign, promising to reveal what went on inside No 10 Downing Street during the […]

The future of Europe: new groups, divisions and fault lines

From integrationists calling for a European federation to populists arguing for mass exit, whos who in the debate on the EUs future? In the debate on the future of Europe too often boiled down to more or less Europe new divisions, groups and fault lines are likely to emerge that will reveal differences not just […]

Uncertainty over Brexit and US job market halted Fed’s interest rates rise

Federal Reserve held off on raising interest rates in June due to the possibility of market turbulence after Brexit and worries about the latest US job report The Federal Reserve held off on raising interest rates in June due to uncertainty about the US labor market as well as a then-upcoming vote on whether the […]

Richard Branson starts his own campaign to keep Britain in the EU

Billionaire founder of the Virgin empire is warning Britons about economic and political dangers of a Brexit Sir Richard Branson is stepping up his pro-EU efforts, launching a nationwide campaign to urge people to back remain and warning of the economic and political pitfalls of a Brexit vote. The billionaire founder of the Virgin empire […]