Coronavirus is a tragedy but it could be the wake-up call we need

Global growth was already slowing but not enough to save the Earth from disaster. Hopefully we will be shocked out of our complacency For some time this pandemic will focus almost all of our attention. It is a tragedy that will play out differently in different parts of the world; the poor world will suffer […]

Hilary Mantel: Ive got quite amused at people saying I have writers block. Ive been like a factory!

As the long-awaited final volume of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy is published, the twice Booker winner discusses her writing life and why she wants to write a play of her controversial Margaret Thatcher story About 15 years ago, Hilary Mantel got on a plane to Russia, on a cultural visit to Perm, near the Ural […]

Dickinson review Emily Dickinson reborn as a Lizzo-loving feminist

A half-baked comedy series rewrites the life of the American poet as a defiant feminist who ignores chores and delivers clunky dialogue Emily Dickinson doesnt seem like the historical figure most ripe for a feminist revision. The American poet, whose work was published almost entirely after her death, lived a pious life in a stable, […]

Plagiarism, book-stuffing, clickfarms … the rotten side of self-publishing

Scams are rife, particularly when some authors can rake in thousands each month but high-profile victims of plagiarism warn day of reckoning is coming NSerruyas alleged plagiarism was first exposed by US author Courtney Milan, who found passages from her book The Duchess War in Serruyas novel Royal Love. After Milan went public and after […]

Trevor Noah: ‘Rich kids should get into college the old-fashioned way: donating’

Late-night hosts weigh in on the celebrity college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis views on impeaching Trump Late-night hosts responded to the college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis on-the-record comments against impeaching Donald Trump. Trevor Noah The celebrity college admissions scandal dominated headlines yesterday, and late-night hosts offered their own hot takes on what Trevor […]

Oscar race heats up as star-studded Toronto film festival begins

New films from Oscar winners Barry Jenkins, Michael Moore and Steve McQueen will be unveiled as part of this years lineup Much-anticipated new films from Barry Jenkins, Steve McQueen and Michael Moore are set to be unveiled at this years Toronto film festival, beginning this week. In one of the festivals stronger lineups in recent […]

DC disaster: can Supergirl save the universe for Warner Bros?

With the titanic tedium of Batman and Superman having left the studios vision in mortal danger, execs have recognised its time for the boys to step aside Its probably fair to say that Supergirl their own movie is not the first DC superhero who springs to mind for the average comic-book fan. Batman, Superman and […]

Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of the Cranberries, dies aged 46

Death of Irish singer, whose band sold more than 40m records, is being treated as unexplained Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of the Cranberries, dies aged 46 Death of Irish singer, whose band sold more than 40m records, is being treated as unexplained Comment: An anguished 90s icon whose voice lingers on Ben Beaumont-Thomas @ben_bt First […]