10 Places for Shopping in Singapore

For anyone who loves to shop, Singapore is a top destination to visit. In fact, most people will find it impossible to visit every single shop because there are so many of them. Some of the best shopping malls in Singapore are located underground.
Many tourists end up spending countless hours in these shops without ever glimpsing a single ray of sunlight. For anyone who doesn’t fancy the large shopping malls, there is an endless variety of street stalls available.

Despite being a tiny island, Singapore draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year and has more shops per square mile than all any other destination on the planet. When visiting Singapore, everyone should visit the top 10 shopping destinations in the country.

1. Vivo City

Packed with extravagant lighting and endless products, Vivo City is a premier shopping destination in Singapore, and it’s also the largest shopping center in the country.

After considering the fact that Singapore is filled with an endless selection of shopping malls, the title that Vivo City holds will seem even more significant. The marketing tag for Vivo City is lifestyle center, and it contains no less than 15 cinema screens, so there is plenty to do.

The largest shopping center in Singapore also has countless restaurants, an art gallery, open-air playground and many bars. It’s also home to an endless supply of outlets and street stores.

2. Haji Lane

Another top shopping destination in Singapore is Haji Lane. Although it’s located in Singapore, Haji Lane makes most visitors feel like they’re thousands of miles away from the Singapore’s endless selection of shopping malls.

Some people describe Haji Lane as being the hipster capital of Singapore. It consists of an extremely narrow road, which is decked with countless wall paintings, boutiques and vintage stores.

It serves as a premier shopping destination but doubles as an excellent place to take photos. As the sun starts to drift behind Singapore’s beautiful landscape, Haji Lane becomes a great place to have a few drinks.

3. Orchard Road

With a length of nearly 2.2 kilometers, Orchard Road has plenty of room for countless megamalls. Many people say it’s the undisputed king of shopping in Singapore.

It’s packed with pristine complexes and more designer brands that most people can handle. Two of the top complexes positioned along Orchard Road are the Paragon House and ION Orchard.

For shoppers who’re looking for bargains and don’t have as much money to spend, Orchard Road is home to the Lucky Plaza and Far East Asia. If these choices aren’t enough, visitors can relax and enjoy the long list of fine restaurants and bars located along Orchard Road.

4. Chinatown Street Market

For tourists who’re looking to get lost and spend the whole day shopping, the Chinatown Street Market is a top destination. The reality is that most people will never have enough time to discover everything that the Chinatown Street Market has to offer.

The market gives visitors a decent taste of what Singapore has to offer and reaches across Sago, Trengganu and Pagoda streets.

It’s an excellent place to become completely immersed in Chinese culture. There are bustling street eateries, clothing shops, artwork and stalls. For the hungriest of travelers, the Chinatown Street Market offers a wide range of delicacies.

5. Little India

Also known as Serangoon road, Little India offers an abundance of intriguing smells, exotic sound and radiant colors. In a part of Singapore that is frequently dismissed by travelers, Little India sticks out like a beacon of light in the darkness.

There is a main strip positioned along Serangoon Road, and the strip is home to many different clothing stores, dress stores, electronics shops and curry houses. Many tourists say the curry houses that are located in Little India are some of the best in the world.

6. Marina Bay Sands Shops

For a shopping experience that is out of this world, it’s a great idea to visit the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. One of the best shopping malls on the planet is located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.

For luxury shopping, it’s one of the best destinations in Singapore. With incredible architecture and luxurious feel, the shopping mall can even be fun for people who don’t like to shop.

Tourists can’t help but feel inspired by the central water features, huge open atriums and massive glass windows. The shops at Marina Bay Sands carry everything from designer brands to street names, and travelers can head up to the 57th balcony and enjoy a stunning view of the gorgeous bay.

7. Mustafa Center

Although the name might produce thoughts of the villain from the Lion King, the Mustafa Center has nothing to do with the Disney Film. In fact, the enter place is mostly about shopping.

A lot of people complain that phone chargers from shops in the Mustafa Center only last for about six months, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid the negativity and engage in some shopping. One of the greatest benefits of shopping at the Mustafa Center is the low prices.

There seems to be everything a person could ever want to buy, and it’s difficult to find lower prices. The Mustafa Center is located in the heart of Little India and stays open 24 hours per day.

8. Sungei Road Thieves’ Market

For anyone who wants to purchase retro, torn or worn clothing garments, this is the market to visit. The name of the market might make some visitors avoid it, but there is nothing but great deals to be had in the Sungei Road Thieves’ Market. It’s actually Singapore’s oldest flea market and can provide a very memorable shopping experience.

9. Raffles City Shopping Center

Orchard Road is home to several shopping malls that are very similar to Raffles City, but it has been added to this list because of its incredibly convenient location.

It happens to be located in the center of the Civic District, which is walking distance from Marina Bay and Clarke Quay. Once inside Raffles City, visitors can shop for their favorite high-street names and enjoy an endless selection of dining options.

10. Bugis Junction

Another top shopping destination in Singapore is the Bugis Junction, which used to be known as Singapore’s red light district. The area has been cleaned up and converted into an amazing shopping mall.

Visitors can start shopping along the air conditioned street and work their way through the rest of the mall. There is even a large outdoor fountain in Bugis Square. These are 10 exciting places to shop while visiting Singapore.