People Are Sharing The Worst Bathroom Design Fails Theyve Seen, And Theyre Hilarious (30 Pics)

Piped water may be one of the greatest conveniences man has come up with but there’s still plenty of terrible bathroom designs. Don’t get me wrong, we at Bored Panda love creativity, but putting a bunk bed over a tub isn’t thinking outside the box. Heck, I wouldn’t even call it thinking. As a testament to our stupidity, we have compiled a list of some of the worst shower and bathtub ideas, and they’re as hilarious as they’re impractical.

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I Feel The Need To Tell The World Regular Faucets Are Ok

We as a society had to go a long way before we created today’s bathroom. For centuries, people in big cities got their cooking and washing water from rivers or wells, limiting their consumption to pretty much what they could carry. They dumped their waste into brick-lined cesspits that would be emptied by the night soil men, who sometimes sold it as fertilizer. Liquid waste, on the other hand, would get thrown into gutters in the middle of the road.


There’s No Hope For Humanity. I Know That Now

The Guardian pointed out that in 1854, in the middle of a cholera epidemic in London, Dr John Snow (not to be confused with Jon Snow) mapped where victims died and found that the deaths seemed concentrated around one of those pumps, at 37 Broad Street. Interestingly, when he had the handle removed from the pump, the cholera epidemic stopped immediately. Thus, the first verifiable connection between human waste and disease was made.


Electric Showers For Everyone!

After people realized that excrement + drinking water = death, parliament passed the Metropolitan Water Act to “make provision for securing the supply to the metropolis of pure and wholesome water”. As a result, pipes delivering water directly to homes started replacing public pumps.


Attached Bath And Bedroom

The next trivial addition to this convenience was the toilet. Believe it or not, the invention had been around for a while. However, it was pretty useless without a water supply.

As it became really easy to just wash the poop away, there soon was so much fecal effluence, it started overflowing from the cesspits. The result? Even more cholera and other diseases.


I’ve Always Wanted An Apartment With A Bathtub, But This Is Certainly Not What I Envisioned

Architects, engineers and homeowners of the late 19th century didn’t know what to do. A lot of people had washstands in their bedrooms, so at first they just stuck sinks and taps into them, and put the toilet into whatever closet in the hall or space under the stairs that they could find, hence the “water closet.” However, it didn’t make a lot of sense to run plumbing to every bedroom when it was cheaper to bring it all to one place, and the idea of the bathroom was born.


My Friend’s Bathtub Handles. I-I Just…..what?

Since the early adopters, then as now, were the rich with a few rooms to spare, they were often lavish, with all the fixtures encased in wood like the commodes they replaced. But when the bathroom became mainstream and accessible to all classes, it got smaller (cheaper to build). Around 1910, the bathroom started looking pretty much the same way it does now.


My Mom Had Her Guest Bathroom Remodeled While She Was Out Of Town. She Wanted The Shower Head Up High So Tall People Didn’t Have To Crouch Or Lean Way Back. Came Home To Find This, Which Shoots The Water Straight Across To The Opposite Wall


Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China


The Shower In My Grandparents New Bathroom Is Very Nice, Except For One Small Problem…


Shower Screen Guy Thought The Toilet Waste Was For The Shower And Screened The Wrong Section. Plumber Installed The Toilet Anyway


Guest Room Shower


Someone Peaked In High School Geometry


I Am Actually Speechless. I Mean In What Scenario Is This Required???? Fraternity Rush Week? And What Does One Store In That Prison Locker Built In?


Whatever. Shut Up And Have A Salad Next Time If You Don’t Like It


I Cringe Every Time I Step Foot In This Shower


Mother In Law’s Suite Is Finally Done!

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Shower Curtain At My Local Ymca


Booked A Hotel In Orlando Through Hotwire And They Gave Us This Room. No Partition Between The Shower, Bathtub, And Bed. I’m Traveling With My Teenage Daughter…


Just In Case You Want A Little Brick Oven Pizza With Your Bath. Sounds Fantastic Tbh


The Controls For This Shower


I’ve Always Wanted To Take Bath While Eating Breakfast


Carpeted Stairs To Shower


There’s A Special Place In Hell For A Powder Room Where The Red Vessel Sink Is The Least Offensive Thing


This Bathtub Looks Like Somebody Was Killed In It… Or Worse


The Placement Of This Bath Tub Faucet

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This Is The Room My Friend And I Got In Cuba. The Shower Wall Was A Window & You Could See Into The Entire Bathroom.. Even The Toilet


Wanna Take A S**t? Gotta Climb Over The Tub First


Texas. What Are You Doing?

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