Best Restaurants in Singapore

Are you looking to visit Singapore in 2016? If yes, there is one thing you must do in Singapore; dine. Indeed, Singapore is famous for its dining experience. The food here involves a blend of Asian cuisines from Malaysia, China, India and Thailand. The resulting flavors are richly unique, tasty and a true testament to Singapore’s rich ethnic backgrounds. Previously famed for its street food, a host of international chefs have endeavored to bring this street food experience into fine dining. Combined with awesome hospitality and great scenery, a fine dining experience is certainly set to be something to remember. Below is a list of the top eleven restaurants in Singapore that you should consider visiting.

1. The Curry Culture

If you fancy spicy Indian food, this is your place. Located on Cuppage Terrace in the Orchard, this is one of the best restaurants offering entirely traditional Indian cuisine. Its menu is changed every quarter based on customer reviews thus you can be sure that what you’ll eat is the best. The menu here also offers a wide selection of drinks. From Mango Maya to Bombay Glue to an array of the choicest wines, the drinks promise to give your meal that extra kick.

2. Rhubarb

Famed for its amazing lunch sets, this restaurant adds a European touch to Singaporean food with great finesse. If you are a homesick European in Singapore, this place will make you feel right at home. Comfort is what Paul Longworth and Jerome Desfonds, the head chefs, set out to inject into the Singaporean dining scene. And that is exactly what you get. The prices are quite affordable compared to the rest. With about one hundred and forty dollars, you will get a full dining experience with three appetizers, one main meal, and dessert as well as tea or coffee. If you are more on the adventurous side, or you relish European cuisine, Rhubarb is one place in Singapore that will not disappoint.

3. Jaan

Consistently ranked among the best restaurants in the world, Jaan promises to tickle your palate. Its menu has an array of vegetarian and meat-based cuisine. Set atop one of Singapore’s tallest skyscrapers, this restaurant offers an excellent view of Singapore’s skyline. Innovative, savory tastes are however what Jaan is known for and with pure Asian ingredients; the food here tends to come alive. It offers three, five and seven-course meals, which are on the pricey side. However, if you are in a celebratory mood, this is the place to go.

4. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung has the privilege of being a Michelin star recipient and being ranked among the top ten best restaurants in the world. This restaurant brings Taiwanese magic to Singapore. It is particularly famous for its xiao long bao; eighteen fold dumplings made of pork. Its steamed chicken soup continues to make headlines around the world. And with thirty years’ worth of experience in the creation of the best dumplings, Din Tai Fung will make you want to visit Singapore again. It is located on the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


A rooftop is setting promises to give a scenic view that will leave you impressed. This place specializes in three cuisines; Japanese, French and Chinese. Artistically finding a balance between these three cuisines is what ME@OUE is known for and this blend promises to electrify your palate. The menu encompasses three pages, each dedicated to a specific cuisine. So, you have the option of cross-ordering if you are adventurous enough or sticking to one page if you are more on the conservative side. Also, this restaurant offers privacy and exclusivity, which could be the reason many Singaporean celebrities are frequent patrons. Also, a drinks bar with choicest selections is going to enhance your whole dining experience.

6. Edge

Located within the Pan Pacific hotel, Edge offers an interactive dining experience. The restaurant has seven open kitchens, so you have the privilege of watching as your meal is being prepared. The menu offers Asian and Pacific cuisine. From Singaporean meals to Chinese, Malay, Indian and Japanese, this restaurant will certainly treat you to the true taste of Asia. With fresh seafood, a great buffet spread, great ambience and excellent staff, Edge has mastered the expertise of giving their customers that extra edge.

7. The Line

The Line is located within Shangri-La hotel. Set to capture the lush garden scenery and hotels massive pool, this restaurant has an excellent ambience. It offers Japanese, Malay and Chinese cuisines as well as an assortment of traditional Singaporean-style roasted meat. Also, on offer are western themed salads, which are great for those looking to add health and vitality to their meals. The buffet selection offers about sixteen culinary styles from which you can choose. Coupled with a generous all you can eat policy, The Line offers a foodie’s ultimate dream-come-true experience.

8. MTR

If you are vegetarian, you will love MTR. Nicknamed the Little India, MTR offers a wide array of South Indian styled veggie-cuisines with a lot of spice that will be a definite treat for your senses. Since its inception in 1924, MTR has continued to wow hungry customers, and this makes it among the best in Singapore. It is located in Samanvay next to the Sri Srinivasal Perumal Temple.

9. Blu Kouzina

Blu Kouzina offers a trip to Greece and back to Singapore. Set in the upmarket residential area of Bukit Timah, this restaurant combines the warm spirit of Singapore with the majestic history of Greece. The open kitchen allows for interaction. What you can expect is a good amount of Greek food made with ingredients specially flown from Greece.

10. Ristorante Amarone

A touch of Italy in the heart of Singapore is what Ristorante Amarone offers. It offers a gourmet set menu as well as a la carte. Together with the best wines from Italy, Amarone will give you quite the adventure at a pocket-friendly price.

11. Restaurant Andre
Restaurant Andre was recently ranked among the top fifty restaurants in Asia. It features French cuisines with a modern Singaporean twist illustriously designed to create an artistic fare. This restaurant is set to give you the ultimate culinary art experience.

Singapore is fast becoming the world’s fine dining capital. As the world shifts its focus to Singapore, a visit to these restaurants will ensure you are not left behind.