Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Will Try For Baby No. 5 After Multiple Miscarriages: ‘We Can’t End On That Note’ – Perez Hilton

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin aren’t letting multiple miscarriages stop them from having another baby!

In their first public appearance since Hilaria announced

Hilaria suffered her first miscarriage in April. She shared the news on social media to update her fans and help erase the stigma from society. Earlier this month, she repeated the process after suffering her second miscarriage.

On Thursday, she admitted opening up about both miscarriages helped her heal and made each loss more “real,” sharing with reporters:

“I believe, when you go through something difficult, the sooner you make it into something real, you can do something with it. And it was something that you don’t want to be real… I kept on waking up and thinking it was a bad dream and it wasn’t, but the more that you talk about it, the more you make it real, and when it’s real, then you can work on it.”

In addition to grieving over their heartbreaking losses, the couple will continue to try for a fifth child. The Motherless Brooklyn actor, who is also dad to 24-year-old daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger, said:

“If you have kids, and if you’re like us, sometimes you feel like you can’t stop having kids. Every time we have them, we’re like, ‘This is great. Let’s have more!’”

Hilaria added:

“We can’t end on that note. I don’t want to. At least, we’re trying not to end on that note. Cause that was a sad note.”

Alec agreed, responding:

“Yeah, we’re gonna have another one.” 

Great to hear!

Wishing the couple the best of luck in their pregnancy journey!

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