US conducts airstrikes against multiple Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq

(CNN)The US carried out airstrikes on Thursday against multiple Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq, according to the US Defense Department. Fox News was first to report on the strike. A US defense official told CNN that the strikes were carried out by manned fighter aircraft and targeted five weapons storage facilities. In a written statement, […]

Jennifer Garner’s Boyfriend Is ‘Uncomfortable’ With Ben Affleck Being So Candid In Recent Interviews… – Perez Hilton

Sounds like Jennifer Garner‘s boyfriend is starting to get a little leery of this new Ben Affleck! John Miller has been with the 47-year-old actress for two years now, but even their strong track record together apparently can’t overcome his discomfort with Ben’s newly candid interview style! So it goes when you date an A-list celeb A […]

Ozzy Osbourne Casts Jason Momoa To Play Him In A New Music Video, He Delivers

In the teaser video, Khal Drogo Aquaman Conan the Barbarian Momoa steps into Ozzy’s shoes (and cowl) as he lip-syncs the brand new Scary Little Green Men song. If you haven’t listened to the full song yet, I heartily recommend it. I’ve never been a huge Osbourne fan, but the song might have just changed my […]

People Are Laughing At These Ridiculous Stock Images That Show Women Completely Unable To Drink Water

No wonder “competitive water-drinking” has become an internet craze in the past year. But what about those unlucky few who just can’t, no matter how hard they try, get that gulp of refreshment into their mouths? reply Unfollow 9 hours ago Apparently, she has a drinking problem. reply What are you missing out on by […]