Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals (30 Pics)

It seems the artist likes to indulge himself with illustrations that depict soft and cuddly animals – pandas, rabbits, dogs and the like – although, it’s pretty evident that the cats are the apples of the artist’s eye. The atmosphere in the pictures is almost always etherial and peaceful, complete with story-telling elements in their […]

Kid Rocks Michael Jackson Dance for Talent Show

High School Kid Rocks Michael Jackson Dance Moves for Talent Show Don’t we all wish we could be as talented as this guy? For his school talent show, this high schooler rocks some major dance moves for this Michael Jackson classic! It’s incredible how swiftly and fluently this kid is able to move his feet […]

Trevor Noah: ‘Rich kids should get into college the old-fashioned way: donating’

Late-night hosts weigh in on the celebrity college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis views on impeaching Trump Late-night hosts responded to the college admissions scandal and Nancy Pelosis on-the-record comments against impeaching Donald Trump. Trevor Noah The celebrity college admissions scandal dominated headlines yesterday, and late-night hosts offered their own hot takes on what Trevor […]