Evil Or Genius? Story Of How A Family Allegedly Made Local Pizza Hut Go Out Of Business Is Going Viral

/u/MundaneSeesaw shared a post recently, claiming that a local Pizza Hut had once overloaded their family’s phone line. According to them, the company declined numerous attempts to reason with them, so they did the only thing they could. They took their time executing their carefully crafted revenge plan, making sure the business received what it deserved. […]

Pro golfer has clubs stolen … shoots 63 with borrowed set, qualifies for Tour

(CNN)It was the most important day of his golf career so far but Cody Blick’s clubs had been stolen and he was desperate. “I will give you $5,000 cash no questions asked,” a desperate Blick posted on Instagram. Visit CNN/com/sport for more news, features and videos 🚨STOLEN GOLF CLUBS🚨TO WHOEVER HAS OR HAS SEEN MY […]