Brexit: UK ‘to lose 5,000 City jobs’

“We have not seen wholesale moves of large institutions to other cities in continental EU,” Mr Glen said. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, Mr Glen said: “I don’t have a crystal ball… [Job losses] will be so contingent on the nature of that no-deal.” He “fully expects” that Britain and the EU will […]

Colored Engagement Rings Inspired By Celebs Betches

Engagement ring trends are a funny thing. Mostly because they symbolize eternal love blah, blah, blah, but also because they’re something you’re (hopefully) going to be flaunting for decades to come. These aren’t regular trends in shoes that come and go—these are like, v serious trends that you often can’t afford to f*ck up. Obviously, […]

If You Think The World Is A Terrible Place These 20+ Wholesome Pics Will Change Your Mind (New Pics)

Below you will find short heartwarming stories that highlight the best parts of humanity. From helping animals to random acts of kindness for strangers, the people from these tales deserve humanitarian prizes. Scroll down below to read something that is sure to brighten you day and perhaps even inspire you to give a little more […]