‘Telly legend’ Keith Chegwin dies aged 60

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption“Cheggers” was a fixture on 1970s and 80s children’s TV Veteran TV presenter Keith Chegwin has died aged 60 after a long illness, his family has said. They said he had endured a “long-term battle with a progressive lung condition” which “rapidly worsened towards the end of […]

Gogglebox star Leon Bernicoff dies

You may also be interested in: Couple forced to separate after 70 years Who is to blame for a daredevil’s death? £500m passport claim ‘fake news’ “Leon and his wife June were the first members of the public to be cast for Gogglebox back in early 2013, and they soon grew to become much-loved voices […]

36 Iconic Britney Spears Moments For Her 36th Birthday

We normally don’t really give a shit about other people’s birthdays, but there are always exceptions. Our parents, a few close friends, and Britney fucking Spears. That’s right, it’s the Princess of Pop’s 36th birthday on December 2nd, and we couldn’t leave for the weekend without giving her a proper birthday celebration. So enjoy this […]

Trump’s FCC Chairman Went After Alyssa Milano Over Her Net Neutrality Comments And She Totally SCHOOLED Him!

So, it turns out Alyssa Milano is the boss… The Charmed star has been a crusader for Net Neutrality, an extremely important issue the FCC is voting on in just a matter of days. At its simplest, net neutrality keeps the Internet as it is, with all websites given equal speed, allowing people to access […]