US army veterans find peace in protecting rhinos from poaching

In northern South Africa, former soldiers are fighting both the illegal wildlife trade and the twin scourges of unemployment and PTSD The sun has set over the scrubby savannah. The moon is full. It is time for Ryan Tate and his men to go to work. In camouflage fatigues, they check their weapons and head […]

Instagram’s obsession with classic cars in front of retro architecture in pictures

The #soloparking hashtag now has more than 240,000 posts. Why has a new generation of Instagrammers become obsessed with parked vintage cars? As cities #soloparking hashtag is perhaps the driving force behind the aesthetic, after starting out as an Joerg Nicht, a Berlin-based photographer responsible for another popular hashtags defining the obsession, end of the […]

Venice world heritage status under threat

While the local population dwindles, passengers from giant cruise ships continue to flood into La Serenissima. So how are locals trying to save the city? A monster cruise ship meets a giant octopus and crashes into the Rialto bridge, provoking a tsunami. Its an apocalyptic vision of Venice. The message of Stop the Madness, Philip […]

Have a lover, have friends, read books. Montaigne was right about one thing | Germaine Leece

We think we are escaping ourselves when we read literature, but we might be going deeper into our interior worlds through the therapy of reading The understanding that literature can comfort, console and heal has been around since the second millennium BC; it is no coincidence that Apollo was the god of medicine as well […]

Taormina in the spotlight: Sicily’s noble but risky plan to host the G7

Donald Trump and other G7 leaders meet in Taormina this week. How will this already tourist-choked town famous for its beauty and ancient ruins cope? Tucked away on a natural terrace between rocks and water in Sicilys east coast, the historic town of Taormina is gaining international prestige as it prepares for an upcoming global […]