I sent a compromising message to the wrong person. How will I ever recover?

The realisation you misdirected a sensitive message is among the worst feelings technology can induce. Have faith one day it will be a great anecdote I accidentally sent a compromising message to the worst person possible!!! HELP ME. Everyone has made this mistake even the Greatest of All Time. Serena Williams pregnancy announcement on Snapchat […]

‘It’s a war on Christians’: Egypt’s beleaguered Copts in sombre mood before papal visit

Pope Francis heads to Cairo for peace mission after spate of church bombings, as Isis proclaims Christians its favourite prey Rami Yasser Labib was at home when he heard gunshots in the street. His friend Wael Youssef, the owner of the downstairs grocery store, had been targeted by Islamic State militants. Three bullets killed him […]

Japan minister quits after saying it was ‘better’ tsunami hit the north of country

Masahiro Imamura, who was overseeing reconstruction of disaster areas, said it was better the north-eastern region was hit instead of Tokyo The Japanese cabinet minister overseeing reconstruction of areas devastated by the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster resigned on Wednesday after saying it was better the disaster struck the north-eastern region instead of Tokyo. […]

MH370: independent experts mistrust ‘confidence’ about plane’s location

Australian authorities accused of using report by countrys peak science agency to bolster preconceived ideas Independent investigators looking into the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have expressed scepticism about the Australian authorities statement they are newly confident about the planes location. On Friday Australias peak science agency, CSIRO, said in a statement that the […]

Co-working spaces are the future of work but that could be a good thing

They can be noisy but co-working spaces also offer an environment where professionals can wait out the volatility of the job market The growing phenomenon of co-working spaces places where individuals can rent a desk of their own while sharing a range of other facilities with their co-tenants is as indicative of the changing nature […]

Conservatives on course for landslide victory in election, poll suggests

Observer/Opinium survey indicates Tory party has doubled its lead over Labour to 19 points since Theresa Mays announcement The Tories have more than doubled their lead over Labour to 19 points since Theresa May called a snap general election last Tuesday, according to a new poll that suggests the Conservatives are heading for a landslide […]

Raw director Julia Ducournau on how to make a horror film as creepy as possible

The brains behind the French cannibal film that overwhelmed Toronto audiences shares her tricks for creating menacing, hair-raising body horror Julia Ducournaus debut feature film, Raw, made headlines at Toronto last year when a couple of horrified audience members The Guardians Peter Bradshaw was among many critics who praised it: What is very impressive about […]