350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London finale in pictures

The Great Fire 350 commemorations, Londons Burning, is a festival of arts and ideas for the anniversary of the fire of London. It culminated with a spectacular 120-metre-long model of the 17th-century London skyline being set ablaze on the Thames Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/gallery/2016/sep/05/350th-anniversary-of-the-great-fire-of-london-finale-in-pictures Diggy

Rene Zellweger: there is so much more to her than Bridget Jones | Observer profile

After a six-year absence, the actress returns to our screens this month as cinemas highest profile singleton. But dont mistake the much-analysed star for the character she plays When a barefoot Helen Fieldings resplendently resilient comic creation, but also of Zellwegers own wildly successful life, as she pursued her lucrative and acclaimed career in the […]