Rihanna returns with Star Trek Beyond theme Sledgehammer

The self-professed Star Trek fan falls short in her single for the third entry in the revamped film franchise, with a generic-sounding ballad co-written by Sia Rihanna continues her reign as the most prolific pop star working today with Sledgehammer, her latest summer single featured on the soundtrack for Star Trek Beyond. The singer took […]

The secret to happiness is all in your head

Science says that people with positive attitudes are better equipped to handle challenges and achieve goals. So can you train your brain to be positive if youre not happy? What drives you? For most people, its a desire to be happy. Social norms have taught us to believe that if we work hard to achieve […]

Tom Hardy to play famed British war photographer Don McCullin

Oscar-nominated actor signed on to play the famed British photojournalist, best known for his harrowing images taken during wars in Vietnam and Cambodia Fresh from playing Mad Max and earning a first Oscar nomination for going up against Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, Tom Hardy has reportedly signed on to embody famed British war photographer […]

How your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply

New studies show that alarming numbers of tiny fibers from synthetic clothing are making their way from your washing machine into aquatic animals The first time professor Sherri Mason cut open a Great Lakes fish, she was alarmed at what she found. Synthetic fibers were everywhere. Under a microscope, they seemed to be weaving themselves […]

Richard Branson starts his own campaign to keep Britain in the EU

Billionaire founder of the Virgin empire is warning Britons about economic and political dangers of a Brexit Sir Richard Branson is stepping up his pro-EU efforts, launching a nationwide campaign to urge people to back remain and warning of the economic and political pitfalls of a Brexit vote. The billionaire founder of the Virgin empire […]