Claudio Ranieri: a gentle and principled man on the verge of immortality

As Leicester City close in on the Premier League title, former players remember Claudio Ranieris unorthodox training methods and praise a genuinely nice man Leicester Citys players were not the first to hear Claudio Ranieri ring his imaginary bell. Danny Drinkwater provoked much amusement among the British press corps last month, when he revealed the […]

Alicia Vikander to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot

The recent Oscar winner for The Danish Girl will resurrect the role famously played by Angelina Jolie in a new take on the action heroine Alicia Vikander is booting up to play video game heroine Lara Croft in a new Tomb Raider movie. The Swedish actor, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and its sequel, The Wave), […]

Eating too much red meat can age the body, researchers claim

Scientists an increase in levels of serum phosphate in the body caused by red meat consumption increases your miles on the clock, or biological age Eating too much red meat and not enough fruit and vegetables could increase the bodys biological age and contribute to health problems, according to researchers. Scientists found that a moderate […]

Snapshots of British eccentricity in pictures

David Levensons photographs capture the UK at leisure, from royal pageantry and party tricks to sudden rain showers and the odd spot of civil disobedience Read more: Diggy

Why are we so bored?

We live in a world of constant entertainment but is too much stimulation boring? It amazes me when people proclaim that they are bored. Actually, it amazes me that I am ever bored, or that any of us are. With so much to occupy us these days, boredom should be a relic of a bygone […]

Barack Obama’s visit to the UK in pictures

The US president and the first lady have lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle, before Barack Obama heads to Downing Street to meet with David Cameron. They will have dinner later on Friday at Kensington Palace with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Read more: Diggy