Turkey requests extradition of Fethullah Glen but not for coup attempt, US says

The State Department did not specify what the Turkish cleric was being sought for, as Joe Biden is expected to meet Erdoan on Wednesday in wake of foiled plot The US has confirmed it has received a formal extradition request from Ankara for the Turkish cleric Fethullah Glen, but not over the July coup attempt […]

Mexico president Enrique Pea Nieto plagiarized thesis for law degree: report

Group of academics say 29% of Pea Nietos paper was material lifted from other works, including 20 paragraphs copied word-for-word from a book President Pea Nietos wife was purchasing a house with financing from a government contractor. The first lady eventually gave up the house and in recent months Pea Nieto has said he understands […]

New Zealand and US runners awarded for sportsmanship

Nikki Hamblin and Abbey DAgostino receive Pierre de Coubertin award for helping each other to finish race after falls The two Olympic runners who Hamblin tripped and fell. DAgostino was caught up in the tumble and also fell. She managed to get up, and rather than sprinting off, stopped and helped Hamblin to her feet. […]

After the Nauru files, how can Australia go about ending offshore detention?

Migration experts say it is unlikely closing camps on Nauru and Manus Island would restart boats We are beyond that point Migration experts, including former senior officials in Australias immigration department, have urged the government to close its offshore detention camps after the extent of abuses in the detention regime were revealed by more than […]