The secret to happiness is all in your head

Science says that people with positive attitudes are better equipped to handle challenges and achieve goals. So can you train your brain to be positive if youre not happy? What drives you? For most people, its a desire to be happy. Social norms have taught us to believe that if we work hard to achieve […]

Tom Hardy to play famed British war photographer Don McCullin

Oscar-nominated actor signed on to play the famed British photojournalist, best known for his harrowing images taken during wars in Vietnam and Cambodia Fresh from playing Tom Hardy has reportedly signed on to embody famed Deadline. Like the book, the biopic will trace McCullins journey from his poverty-stricken childhood in wartime London to become one […]

Bernie Sanders: the upstart who pointed the way toward a political revolution

His campaign was appealing for its unconventional vibe, but it was his message about the economic injustices of modern America that resonated with millions He thinks hes running for mayor of America, whispered an exasperated campaign aide as Bernie Sanders attempted to slip quietly into a well-known Chicago diner for breakfast. The morning of the […]

Helen Mirren joins Fast and Furious 8: ‘I’ve always rather loved driving’

The Oscar winner revealed that shes joined Charlize Theron in the latest film in the long-running franchise although her role still remains a mystery Helen Mirren is the latest female Oscar winner to join the Fast and the Furious franchise, following the Elle magazine, while promoting the home release of Jason Statham. Straight Outta Compton […]

Lewis Hamilton wins F1 Canadian Grand Prix to close gap on Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton triumphed in Montreal ahead of Sebastian Vettel and the reigning champion is now only nine points behind his Mercedes team-mates Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton dedicating his win to Muhammad Ali was certainly a heartfelt tribute after he took his fifth victory at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. But there was greater resonance […]