Athletes call out Trump after national anthem, Curry remarks

New York (CNN)President Donald Trump drew the ire of professional athletes for comments he made at a rally in Alabama on Friday night and on Twitter on Saturday morning. Last year, Colin Kaepernick — formerly with the San Francisco 49ers, but currently without a team — drew national attention for refusing to stand during “The […]

One Of The OG Real Housewives Is Reportedly Getting The Axe

If you’re anything like me, you watch every franchise of , no questions asked. I mean, I’ve even gotten into Dallas this year, and that’s really saying something. Part of being a ride-or-die Bravo fanatic means sticking through the rough times aka shit like Potomac and the boring seasons. Case in point: this season. It’s […]

Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars

Adjunct professors in America face low pay and long hours without the security of full-time faculty. Some, on the brink of homelessness, take desperate measures There is nothing she would rather do than teach. But after supplementing her career with tutoring and proofreading, the university lecturer decided to go to remarkable lengths to make her […]

She kept the pregnancy that resulted from her rapenow her alleged attacker has joint custody

A 21-year-old Michigan mother is left seeking protection after her rapist was awarded parenting time and joint legal custody of her 8-year-old child after the county surveyed her about child support. According to the Detroit News, the survivor’s attorney says Sanilac County Circuit Judge Gregory S. Ross awarded Christopher Mirasolo, 27, joint custody after a DNA test […]