Have a lover, have friends, read books. Montaigne was right about one thing | Germaine Leece

We think we are escaping ourselves when we read literature, but we might be going deeper into our interior worlds through the therapy of reading The understanding that literature can comfort, console and heal has been around since the second millennium BC; it is no coincidence that Apollo was the god of medicine as well […]

Taormina in the spotlight: Sicily’s noble but risky plan to host the G7

Donald Trump and other G7 leaders meet in Taormina this week. How will this already tourist-choked town famous for its beauty and ancient ruins cope? Tucked away on a natural terrace between rocks and water in Sicilys east coast, the historic town of Taormina is gaining international prestige as it prepares for an upcoming global […]

Kevin Durant pours pain on Spurs as Warriors take 3-0 Conference finals lead

Kevin Durant had 33 points and 10 rebounds and the Golden State Warriors beat the injury-riddled San Antonio Spurs 120-108 Kevin Durant had 33 points and 10 rebounds and the Golden State Warriors beat the injury-riddled San Antonio Spurs 120-108 on Saturday night to take a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference finals. Golden State […]

Why I love Cline Dion

Is she schmaltzy? Well, yes. High camp and cheesy like a ripe camembert You know what genre of celeb will always have a special place in my heart? The wildly famous, hugely successful, but inherently uncool superstar. I feel a kinship, and will abide no snark directed at them. The epitome of this breed is […]

Mood in Poland shifts after Macron’s victory in France | Patrick Wintour

With populists failing to break through this year, and Warsaws ally, the UK, set to leave the EU, Poland may feel a little isolated Emmanuel Macrons election victory in France may have put some magic in the air in Berlin, but in Poland his triumph has poisoned the atmosphere, creating fears that his integrationist agenda […]

Impeachment seemed impossible a few days ago. Not anymore | Lawrence Douglas

The announcement that Robert Mueller III, the former FBI director, will oversee the Russian probe strengthens the spreading sense that Trump is finished The presumption of regularity. It is a term largely unfamiliar to those outside legal or governmental circles but one that all Americans should now learn. Born of centuries-old common law, the presumption […]

‘Are you FBI?’ how I captured the everyday life of gangland LA

Imperial Courts is a LA housing project most Americans have only seen from a helicopter camera. But, over the course of two decades, photographer Dana Lixenberg chronicled its characters and everyday life When Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg first started her series Imperial Courts in 1993, on the Watts housing estate of the same name, the […]